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Every Season brings new challenges. Don't let the pests play survivor in your home. Call Swanson, and vote them off the island.

It’s when home owners take charge of their Pest protection that the foundation Pest Control provides becomes permanent.

We keep the good pest alive while getting rid of the bad and the ugly.


"It is impossible to tell a Honey Bee from a Africanized Bee by looking at them."

What to do if Stung

How to protect your Home

  Check around your home once a week during swarming season usually in the spring and fall. Listen for the sound of bees in the air. Persistent buzzing may mean a hive or swarm is nearby.

  "Bee-proof" your home by filling in potential nesting sites such as tree cavities and holes in outside walls. Put screens on the tops of rain spouts, vents and openings in meter/utility boxes in the ground.

  Remove piles of trash and junk. Some of the favorite sites for nesting are old tires, bird houses, flower pots and wood piles. Killer bees tend to nest lower to the ground than honey bees.


What to do if you encounter Bees

  If bees are flying around you, run away quickly. Don't swat them--it will only make more bees want to sting you. Don't freeze in place--you will still get stung if you do.

 While running away, try to protect face and eyes as much as possible.

  Take shelter in a car or building. Don't try to escape by jumping into a swimming pool or pond. The bees likely will be waiting for you when you come up for air.


  Go quickly to a safe area.

 Remove stinger as soon as possible.

  Don't squeeze stinger; pressure will release more venom.

  Scrape stinger out in a sideways motion with fingernail, knife blade or credit card.

  Wash sting area with soap and water.

  Apply ice pack for a few minutes to relieve pain and swelling or sting-kill ointment.


Swanson Pest Control Palmdale CA


Take a look at what we treat.

Got Bugs?

All types of Ants prevalent types in the antelope valley


Bees including Africanized strands.

Roaches Oriental, American,& German roach.

Wasp, Yellow-jackets,& mud dauber. Crickets, Earwigs,& Ticks, Spiders: Black Widows, Brown Recluse-violin spider, & all spiders in general, ScorpionsRodents- Roof rat, kangaroo rat, & mice, are all prevalent to our area.

silverfish, beetles, pill bugs, sow-bugs, spring tails (often mistaken by customer as fleas)


We don't do Agricultural pest or termites at this time.


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Check back daily for our seasonal and weather related tips for preventing a pest infestation.

Pest Control is needed all year long to prevent an infestation. Living in a desert climate means that we have longer active periods of infestations and fewer dormant months.


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